Flag Points #31 - Sideshow Interview w/ Matt Bischof

Knowing that there would be some major Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 Joe reveals at SDCC this year, we booked our post-con talk with 1/6 production coordinator, Matt Bischof early -- right around the time of our last show with Jose and Matt on episode 23, actually... Sideshow Super-Collector Jose Gonzales helps Dave out on this one as we ask about Major Bludd (did Matt say further articuation?), Baroness, Snake Eyes and Timber, Crimson Guard, Falcon as well as the upcoming Destro. Dave can't refrain from asking about the possibility of Zartan getting a proper-sized ride. Hey, the Snowtrooper's getting his own e web cannon! Thanks, Matt and Jose for a great conversation. Joe SSC fans -- let them know you support this line! The ideas the team have are amazing. I truly hope to see them all become reality! Additional lnks to upcoming products will be posted here when they become available. Check out Micro #3 for our review of the Cobra Ninja Viper. Yo Sideshow!

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