Flag Points #34 - 3D Joes

Our first 3D podcast! No glasses needed! On 34, Rob, Don and Dave are joined by new friend and fellow Joe aficionado, Carson, of the simple but incredible new site - www.3djoes.com. If you haven't been there, stop reading and check it out! One look explains the whole concept. And what a great concept it is. Carson not only runs his site, but he has one of the most impressive carded and AFA'd 80's Joe collection this side of Leo DiCap's batallion. (Leo - We have an opening for Dec. if you don't have anything booked. We'll call your agent.) We also cover some news, fitness-related Joe memories are shared and Rob hits us with another Knock it Off... Mais, Oui! So this Halloween, get yourself a bowl of candy and fire up the iPod. It's time the podcast world got multi-dimensional. Thanks for the awesome conversation, Carson! Hope to do it again!

Listen Now:

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