Flag Points #35 - D&J Toys

FP 35 will make you soar, loop and glide high in the sky! Well, it will be fun for you if you like Joe gliders, anyway. On this episode, Rob and Dave talk to Joe (from www.djtoys.muchtobuy.com) who is very busy making high-quality, properly-proportioned gliders for your favorite 3 3/4" Joes. They don't fly, but they are amazing for display. Listen as Joe describes his current projects as well as his very exciting, very fragile possible future plans. We hope they take flight. Check out Joe's amazing Missile Command HQ repro while you're visiting his site. Amazing work! Thanks, Joe. Also - Rob talks about his trip to his local Lanard HQ (a very dangerous place for our favorite KO fan to set foot.) A huge thank you to SJ Wordburglar and Timbuktu for our new intro! We hope you love it like we do! Yo Joe!!

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